What We Do

What We Do

The Tower of Niceness is a 501 (c ) (3) charitable organization that provides niceness for those in need by connecting communities with important causes to help increase awareness, volunteerism and donations. Our mission is to dramatically increase the number of hours and dollars donated by every company, school and family.

Using fundraising projects promoted primarily online with videos and social media we coordinate “Niceness Projects” to provide volunteers and funding for everything from local homeless shelters to worldwide disaster relief. In addition we support other charitable organizations by coordinating volunteers to support them as well as promote them to our community.

We also have 4 Niceness Projects we organize each year that include:

  1. Help the Homeless: annual fundraiser and volunteer day that occurs on Thanksgiving each year to help hundreds of people.
  2. Tower Toy Drive: annual toy drive for children’s hospitals.
  3. Furry Friends Fundraiser: annual project dedicated to supporting local animal shelters.
  4. Night of Niceness: annual fundraiser event to celebrate our volunteers, donors, and local organizations. Click here to learn more about our projects.

Ultimately we like to think of ourselves as a coordinator of niceness -connecting companies, volunteers and causes in our community. By empowering more people to give their time, talent and money we will help more people in need while cultivating a culture of niceness the communities we all live in.