Interested in joining Niceness Nation? We are always looking for people that want to make a difference and are willing to donate their time, talent or resources to help! Watch our Volunteer Webinar or click below to contact us for more info. Here are a few ways to join our efforts:

Join the Tower Team!

Our organization is run 100% by volunteers so we are always looking for talented, motivated people to help us. Whether you run a business, have a specific skill or extensive network -you can help. Below are some areas we are currently looking for assistance with. (Note: for businesses, we can provide tax deductible donations for your services!)

Join a Niceness Project!

Each year we organize a number of projects, and each year they get bigger! Find a cause you care about and join a project team to help in a variety of ways. Below are some of the volunteer positions we could use help with. Click hereto see our list of projects.

Start a Project. Build a Tower!

Part of our mission is to connect communities with important causes throughout the country. There’s no better way to do this than to add more projects and towers in other areas. If you are interested in running one of our projects in your community, we would love to help!