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Founded by a 7 year old with a simple idea to help people, the Tower of Niceness has grown into movement with hundreds of supporters and volunteers around the country connecting with a common mission: provide niceness for those in need.

Registered as an official 501 c3 non-profit, the Tower is dedicated to raising money and awareness for important community causes. 100% of the proceeds from our fundraisers are are used for our projects (The River Rule) to ensure your kind donations are put to work to help those who need it most. That’s also why our sponsors, supporters and volunteers are so critical as they allow us keep the Tower operations running and focused on helping others..

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We believe the power of “cause & connect” can change communities. By connecting people and companies to causes in their community that need help, we are able to leverage the power of niceness. In a sense, we are coordinators of kindness by helping more people feel good by doing good.

Volunteer Hours
$ 10000
Dollars Donated


From elementary school students to business leaders and families, the Tower is supported by a wide variety of amazing people and companies in a number of different ways-a community affectionately known as Niceness Nation.

Some give their time, other their talent or resources and many give what they can financially. Ultimately our goal is to empower families, schools and businesses with an easy way to connect to their community and give back however they can. We’re just as proud of the hundreds of hours Niceness Nation donates to our projects every year as we are the tens of thousands of dollars we raise.

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